10 Things to like about someone (Myriad Qualities)

In our fast-paced, digitally connected world, the essence of true human connection often gets overlooked. Amid the fleeting likes and shares on social media, there’s a profound longing for genuine appreciation and understanding. For each person we meet in life, there is a universe of experiences, hopes, dreams, and qualities that already define them. Yet, more often than not, we see only a fraction in the moment of time.

Why do we gravitate towards liking certain things about people? Well, it’s a bridge-builder. When we hone in on the admirable bits of someone’s personality, it’s more than just a casual observation. It’s like saying, “Hey, I see what’s great about you.” This simple recognition can spark trust, respect, and the beginning of lasting friendships.

Also, by highlighting the best in others, we’re kind of giving a nod to the qualities we hold dear—those we yearn for and want to see bloom around us. It’s like saying, “That’s what I’m talking about!” every time we see goodness shine. Here are ten things to like about someone, each a beautiful stitch in the ever-colorful quilt of humanity.


Things to like about someone

1. Authenticity:

One of the top things to like about someone is their authenticity; it grants us the permission to be ourselves, creating a foundation of trust. We all have once met someone whose presence feels like a breath of fresh air. These are the people who don’t put on a facade; they’re real, genuine, and unpretentious. Their conversations are free from pretense, and their actions mirror their words.

2. Kindness:

The soft touch of kindness has an unparalleled warmth. Whether it’s a simple smile, a word of encouragement, or a random act of love, kindness makes the world seem brighter. People who sprinkle kindness wherever they go have a way of leaving footprints on our hearts. The beauty lies not just in grand gestures but in the everyday, understated acts that show they care.

3. Reliability:

Imagine having someone you can always count on – through the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Reliability is like an anchor, keeping us grounded amidst the stormy seas of life. When someone shows consistency in their actions, keeps their promises, or is just there when needed, it builds an unshakable trust. Reliability is among the pivotal things to like about someone. It’s about more than just showing up; it’s about showing up with sincerity

4. Passion:

There’s something incredibly captivating about watching someone talk about what they love. Their eyes light up, their gestures become animated, and their enthusiasm is palpable. Passion isn’t just about fervor; it’s a testament to commitment and dedication. Being around passionate individuals is a key thing to like about someone and can inspire us, igniting a similar fire within.

5. Open-mindedness:

In this big, wide world filled with so many different cultures, thoughts, and ways of life, being open-minded is like having a passport that takes you everywhere. You know those people who are always up for trying something new, or who really listen even if they don’t agree? The ones who check their judgments at the door and really try to understand where someone else is coming from? They’re the gems that make our lives richer. Loving this trait in someone is like giving a high-five to tolerance and saying “yes” to a world that’s way bigger than our own backyard.

6. Resilience:

Life isn’t always a smooth sail; sometimes, it throws curveballs our way. And in those moments, resilience shines the brightest. Watching someone face adversity with grace, pick themselves up after a fall, and continue with renewed determination is awe-inspiring. “One of the things to like about someone is their resilience. It’s not just about bouncing back but about growing from experiences

7. Optimism:

On a cloudy day, it’s an optimist who will tell you they see the silver lining. Optimists have a special gift: they see potential where others might see failure. Their belief in a brighter tomorrow, even when faced with challenges, provides hope. Moreover, their cheerful disposition can be infectious. Being around an optimistic person often lifts our spirits, reminding us that every situation has a flip side.

8. Good Listener:

Ever poured your heart out to someone and felt truly heard? The gift of listening goes beyond just hearing words; it’s about understanding and empathy. A good listener offers more than just an ear; they offer their presence. In a world where everyone is eager to put forth their point of view, those who take the time to listen stand out. Making someone feel valued and understood is a crucial thing to like about someone and good listeners excel at it.

10. Intellectual Curiosity:

The world is a vast fabric of knowledge, and the intellectually curious are its eager explorers. Their hunger to know more, their probing questions, and their fascination with the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ make conversations with them enlightening. One of the exciting things to like about someone is their intellectual curiosity; they’re never content with just the surface. Their thirst for knowledge can inspire those around them to seek, learn, and grow.

11. Sense of Humor:

Life can be serious, but those with a sense of humor know how to find joy even in the mundane. They can make you laugh even on a gloomy day, highlighting the lighter side of life. A shared laugh can bridge distances, lighten moods, and even mend rifts. Having a sense of humor, which is among the best things to like about someone, isn’t just about telling jokes but about spreading joy.



Every person we bump into or become friends with brings their own splash of color to our lives. Sure, nobody’s perfect; we’ve all got our high points and our quirks. But when we zoom in on the good stuff, it kind of changes the way we see the world. Think about it. That friend who’s always there with a comforting word? Pure gold. Or that colleague who never gives up, no matter what? When we spot and cheer on these awesome traits in others, it’s like giving our relationships super glue. And the bonus? It nudges us to bring out our own brand of awesome. In this big jigsaw of life and connections, it’s these feel-good moments and qualities that make everything click just right.

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