10 things millionaires do not spend money on

Imagine strolling through a millionaire’s mansion – marble floors, sparkling chandeliers, and walls lined with exquisite art. It’s easy to assume that with all that wealth, millionaires splurge on every whim and luxury imaginable. But here’s a twist in the tale: during my recent research into things millionaires do not spend money on, I unearthed some eye-opening truths.

Turns out, becoming a millionaire and maintaining that status isn’t all about earning big; it’s just as much about smart spending. The road to financial freedom isn’t paved with impulse purchases and flashy brands. Millionaires, often more than anyone else, understand the real value of money and the importance of strategic frugality.

So, before I show you the lavish lifestyles and the private jets, let me debunk some myths as I uncover ten things millionaires do not spend money on. You might just find some tips to adopt into your own financial playbook.

1. Designer Labels Just for the Brand Name

While many of us dream about donning the latest Gucci or Prada, one of the things millionaires do not spend money on are designer items just for the brand name. Instead, they value quality over labels. A well-made, no-name shirt that lasts is often more prized than a designer one that won’t withstand time. The takeaway? They’re not buying for the logo; they’re investing in longevity.

2. New Cars Off the Lot

The allure of a shiny new car is undeniable. But the moment you drive it off the lot, its value depreciates significantly. Many millionaires prefer buying high-quality, pre-owned vehicles. They understand this is among the things millionaires do not spend money on. They get the luxury experience without the instant depreciation hit. Plus, with the advancements in car technology and durability, a well-maintained used car can feel and run just like new.

3. Unused Gym Memberships

It’s not that millionaires don’t value fitness; they absolutely do. However, instead of accumulating monthly charges from gym memberships they barely use, they invest in sustainable fitness solutions that fit their lifestyle—whether that’s a home gym, personal trainers, or boutique fitness classes they attend regularly.

4. The Latest Tech Gadgets

While it’s tempting to snag the latest iPhone or the newest smart gadget, one of the surprising things millionaires do not spend money on are tech upgrades without tangible benefits. Instead of having the latest tech for tech’s sake, they assess whether the new features will genuinely improve their lives or work efficiency.

5. Impulse Purchases

That candy bar at the checkout counter or the flashy gadget advertised during a commercial break? Millionaires have mastered the art of resisting impulse buys. They understand that small purchases add up over time and would rather direct their funds toward meaningful investments.

6. Luxury Items Without Research

Contrary to what glossy magazines might depict, another on the list of things millionaires do not spend money on is luxury items without prior research. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, artwork, or real estate, they often research extensively, ensuring they’re getting genuine value and not just paying for hype.

7. Extravagant Homes Beyond Their Needs

While millionaires might have the means to buy sprawling estates, many opt for more modest, manageable homes. A house that suits their needs and perhaps a few luxuries, without the unnecessary burdens of vast unused spaces and monumental maintenance costs.

8. Unnecessary Fees and Charges

Late fees, ATM fees, and other small charges might seem trivial to most, but for the financially savvy millionaire, they are needless drains of wealth. By being organized and attentive, they avoid these little dings to their wallet, ensuring every penny is accounted for and spent wisely.

9. Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

It might sound ironic, but most millionaires steer clear of the allure of get-rich-quick schemes. They understand that true wealth is built over time, through careful investment, patience, and a touch of calculated risk. Flashy promises of instant wealth are seen for what they often are: too good to be true.

10. Trends That Fade Fast

From fashion to tech, trends come and go. Among the things millionaires do not spend money on are fleeting trends. Instead, they invest in timeless classics—whether it’s clothing, accessories, or other items—that offer lasting value and style.


Some time ago, I attended a charity event in New York City. The room was abuzz with business magnates, influencers, and philanthropists. Among them was Williams, a tech mogul who’d successfully launched and sold multiple startups, amassing wealth well into the millions.

When Williams walked into the room, he didn’t fit the millionaire stereotype. Instead of the expected designer suit, he donned a modest shirt and well-worn jeans. On his wrist was a simple watch, far from the luxury brands one might expect from a millionaire. He drove himself to the event in a 10-year-old sedan, in stark contrast to the parade of chauffeured limousines and sports cars that adorned the venue’s entrance.

During a casual chat over cocktails, Williams shared some pearls of wisdom. “Most folks think that with money comes a need to display it. But I’ve found joy in the simple things. Why buy an expensive watch when a $50 one tells the time just as well?” he chuckled. He went on to reveal that he lived in the same three-bedroom house he’d bought before his first big business break, and his priciest possession was his vast collection of books.

Rob’s lifestyle choices left a lasting impression on many at the event. In a world where extravagance is often equated with success, there was a millionaire who reveled in simplicity. Williams wasn’t frugal for the sake of being frugal. He simply valued experiences and meaningful investments over material possessions. It was a testament to the fact that true wealth isn’t about how much you display, but how wisely you allocate your resources and the purpose you find in every expenditure



The lifestyle of millionaires often captivates our imaginations, fueled by glitzy magazine spreads and glamorous Instagram posts. However, beneath the surface, a different picture emerges—one of calculated decisions, a focus on value over vanity, and an understanding that things millionaires do not spend money on are just as important as where they choose to invest

Indeed, it’s not always about how much you earn, but how wisely you spend and invest. The patterns of frugality, research, and long-term thinking among the wealthy serve as a testament to this philosophy. They remind us that sustainable wealth isn’t built on splurges and show-offs but on smart choices, patience, and a vision that looks beyond the present moment.

So the next time you’re tempted by that flashy advertisement or the latest trend, consider pausing and reflecting. Ask yourself: “Is this a need or a want? Is it a worthwhile investment or a fleeting pleasure?” Sometimes, the path to financial well-being is less about chasing riches and more about cultivating wise habits and discerning choices.

Your Turn

Now, it’s over to you. Are there areas in your spending you could reassess? Can you adopt some of these millionaire habits, not necessarily to become one but to achieve financial health and peace of mind? Remember, every financial journey begins with a single, thoughtful step. Why not start today?

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