People Throw Rocks at Things That Shine: Meaning

Close to where I grew up, there stood a majestic tree, a testament to time and tales long past. Its bark bore the rugged scars of age and relentless weathering, yet it stood with an air of pride and dignity. But what truly set it apart were the apples. Come summer, this old tree would burst into a spectacle, its branches laden with gleaming, red apples, each seeming brighter than the last.

As kids, with our mischievous grins and pockets full of pebbles, would try our luck, hoping to dislodge these treasures. It wasn’t malice that drove us, but rather an innocent fascination with their radiant allure. Decades have since passed, but that tree often comes to mind, especially when I hear, “People throw rocks at things that shine.” Over time, I’ve come to see the profound truth in this phrase. Let me share a bit of that journey.

The Day I Realized I Shone a Little Too Bright

Back in school, I was branded ‘the bookworm’, often engrossed in tales and trivia, eagerly raising my hand to every question. This genuine love for knowledge, however, made me somewhat of a beacon for teasers. The irony of it baffled me. Why would enthusiasm be a cause for jeers? Soon enough, it dawned on me: shining, even if it’s in a positive light, sometimes acts as a magnet for undue attention.

Behind the Pebbles We Throw

In retrospect, it wasn’t the tantalizing apples or my unbridled curiosity that was at the heart of the issue. It was about the emotions they stirred in others. Envy, perhaps. Insecurities, most definitely. Or just the innate human tendency to be wary of anything that challenges the status quo. The targets, be they ripe apples or top-performing students, are merely proxies for these emotions, symbolizing something more than just their outward appearance.

Embracing and Understanding the Shine

Navigating adulthood, I realized this pattern transcended school corridors and childhood trees. Workplaces buzzed with whispers about high achievers; social circles had murmurs about those who dared to live differently. I’ll admit, I wasn’t always immune to this. The twinge of green, the urge to whisper – they’re all too human. But recognizing them is half the battle won.

Realigning My Focus

Instead of trying to dim another’s shine, I decided it was time to amplify my own. It’s a journey I’m still on, swapping envy for aspiration and judgment for empathy. And what a journey it’s been! Because, believe me, when we rise and shine in unison, the world is a sight to behold.

To Shine, Together: A Conclusion and a Beginning

When we “throw rocks,” it often says more about us than about those we aim at. It reflects our internal struggles and our reactions to the extraordinary. Yet, if my childhood tree taught me anything, it’s that resilience and growth are in nature’s very essence. To every individual out there who feels like a shining apple, or those tempted to toss a pebble: remember, we each have within us an unparalleled brilliance. Let’s strive to understand, appreciate, and illuminate the world with our collective glow. After all, in unity and shared luminescence, we can create a world that’s truly radiant.

Old Soul
Old Soul

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