8 Things that motivate people (7 will suprise you)

8 Things that motivate people (7 will suprise you)

Have you ever found yourself stopping to wonder, right in the midst of a frenzied day or a quiet moment, what really pushes you forward? We all do, don’t we? Maybe it’s the sizzle of excitement at starting a new project or the warm tug at our hearts when we look at our loved ones. Perhaps it’s the tingling anxiety of bills piling up or the dreams we conjure, filled with wanderlust and adventure.

Motivation is like that invisible hand that gently (or sometimes urgently) prods us along life’s winding path. It’s fascinating how diverse these driving forces can be, subtly weaving into the fabric of who we are and what we do. While some motivations are as straightforward as the aroma of coffee luring us out of bed, others are complex, tangled in our past experiences, current realities, and future aspirations.

In this exploration of “Things That Motivate People”, we’ll share with you some of these driving forces, and uncover the valid reasons that make us jump out of bed in the morning, or keep us awake with excitement at night.

1. Basic Human Needs

Before dreams of fame or the pull of adventure, there are fundamental Physical Needs. Think about that comforting warmth of a home after a stormy night or the satiating feeling of a hearty meal. Then, there’s the realm of Emotional Needs – that profound yearning for love, the sense of belonging with friends and family, or the pride swelling in our chest from a job well done.

  • Physical NeedsExamples: – Food: A delicious meal after a long day or the basics for survival. – Shelter: A cozy home, protection from the elements, a safe space. – Safety: Living in a secure environment, personal safety gadgets, job security.
  • Emotional NeedsExamples: – Love: A hug from a loved one, a comforting conversation. – Belonging: Feeling a part of a community, bonding with family and friends. – Self-esteem: Positive self-image, achievements being recognized.

2. Personal Aspirations and Goals

Things That Motivate People. For some, it’s the allure of Career Ambitions, from clinching that coveted position to breaking new ground in a chosen field. For others, it’s about Personal Achievements – maybe it’s scaling a mountain, penning a novel, or mastering the art of Italian cooking.

  • Career AmbitionsExamples: – Climbing the corporate ladder: Earning that corner office or managing a team. – Mastering a skill: Becoming an expert in a particular domain, like coding or baking. – Entrepreneurship: Launching a startup or running a successful business.
  • Personal AchievementsExamples: – Fitness goals: Completing a marathon, achieving a personal best in weightlifting. – Travel bucket lists: Visiting the pyramids of Egypt, and experiencing the northern lights. – Learning a new language: Becoming fluent in French or mastering Japanese.

3. Social and Peer Influences

Never underestimate the pull of the crowd. The glint of Recognition and Approval can be a mighty motivator. Whether it’s applause after a performance or just a nod of acknowledgment from a respected peer, these nods to our worth are golden. And then, there’s the subtle power of Social Norms and Expectations. From fashion trends to career paths, the desire to fit in or stand out in societal molds can be a significant driving force.

  • Recognition and ApprovalExamples: – Awards and accolades: Winning a prize, earning a diploma or certificate. – Public acknowledgment: Getting mentioned in a newspaper, appearing on TV. – Peer validation: Compliments from colleagues, a pat on the back from friends.
  • Social Norms and ExpectationsExamples: – Career choices: Pursuing careers deemed “respectable” by society. – Fashion and trends: Dressing in the latest styles or following popular fads. – Lifestyle choices: Owning a house by a certain age, societal norms around marriage and kids.

4. Challenges and Overcoming Adversity

Sometimes, it’s the hurdles themselves that become the things that motivate people”. Personal Challenges, be it fighting an illness or breaking a personal limitation, often ignite the fiercest fires within. And when it comes to External Obstacles, like societal issues or financial setbacks, they often push us to become advocates, innovators, or simply, survivors.

  • Personal ChallengesExamples: – Overcoming personal limitations: Conquering fears, breaking bad habits. – Health issues: Battling illnesses, maintaining mental health, adopting healthier lifestyles. – Personal growth: Moving on from past traumas, building resilience.
  • External ObstaclesExamples: – Societal challenges: Combating stereotypes, promoting inclusivity. – Economic conditions: Navigating recessions, adapting to job market changes. – Environmental factors: Adapting to climate change, promoting sustainability.

5. Intellectual Curiosity and Growth

The mind is a curious entity. The thirst for knowledge and the pleasure of Lifelong Learning can be compelling motivators. From unraveling the mysteries of the universe to picking up a new musical instrument, intellectual pursuits are classic things that motivate people”. And for the creatives? Creative Expression becomes not just a motivator, but a lifeblood – a canvas to paint their thoughts, emotions, and imaginations.

  • Lifelong LearningExamples: – Formal education: Pursuing higher degrees, attending workshops. – Informal avenues: Reading books, listening to podcasts, joining online courses. – Mentorship: Seeking guidance from experts, and providing mentorship to others.
  • Creative ExpressionExamples: – Artistic endeavors: Painting, writing poetry, making music. – Innovations: Inventing new products, and conceptualizing unique solutions. – Storytelling: Writing a book, creating a movie, narrating experiences.

6. Legacy and Making a Difference

For many, the footprints they leave behind become their guiding light. The idea of creating a Positive Impact on Others, of being that unforgettable teacher, a loving parent, or an inspirational leader, are powerful “Things That Motivate People”. And then there are those who find their calling in Contributing to a Cause – fighting for environmental conservation, championing human rights, or simply spreading kindness.

  • Positive Impact on OthersExamples: – Mentorship: Guiding the younger generation, sharing wisdom. – Leadership: Leading teams, initiatives, or communities towards a better future. – Inspiration: Sharing personal stories, sparking change through actions.
  • Contribution to a CauseExamples: – Environmental causes: Joining tree plantation drives, promoting zero waste. – Social causes: Volunteering at shelters, promoting literacy, advocating for rights. – Community involvement: Organizing events, and contributing to local development.

7. Rewards and Incentives

Let’s be real; sometimes, the tangible rewards do the trick. The allure of Financial Rewards like a plush bonus, a dream home, or even just making ends meet can be massive motivators. But equally compelling are the Non-financial Incentives. Think of that employee of the month title, an all-expenses-paid trip, or even just a day off to spend with loved ones.

  • Financial RewardsExamples: – Salary hikes: Annual increments, pay raises. – Bonuses: Year-end rewards, project completion bonuses. – Investments: Stock options, dividends.
  • Non-financial IncentivesExamples: – Recognition: Employee of the month, letters of appreciation. – Flexibility: Work-from-home options, flexible hours. – Enriching experiences: Sponsored trips, retreats, and team-building exercises.

8. Psychological Triggers

Behind our actions lies a myriad of emotions. The urgency of Fear can motivate just as powerfully as the allure of Pleasure and Satisfaction. From the ticking clock pushing us to meet a deadline to the sweet satisfaction of a job well done, our emotions are integral “Things That Motivate People”.

  • Fear and UrgencyExamples: – Deadlines: Submitting a project on time, meeting a sales target. – Avoiding consequences: Preparing for exams to pass, taking health precautions. – Loss aversion: Ensuring savings for rainy days, taking measures to protect valuables.
  • Pleasure and SatisfactionExamples: – Leisure activities: Watching a favorite movie, indulging in a hobby. – Achievements: Completing a task, learning something new. – Positive interactions: Spending time with loved ones, meeting new people.

Personal Story Growing up, I always struggled with speaking in public. The mere thought would send me into a spiral of anxiety. But it was this very fear that became my motivator. Determined to conquer it, I threw myself into every speaking opportunity. With each speech, I learned, I stumbled, but most importantly, I grew. Today, I not only cherish public speaking but also mentor others. It wasn’t just about overcoming a fear; it was about transforming it into a passion.

Conclusion: Things that motivate people are as diverse as humanity itself. From the basic to the profound, from the tangible to the emotional, our motivators shape our stories, our journeys, and our legacies. By understanding and respecting what drives us and those around us, we forge deeper connections, nurture growth, and celebrate the myriad inspirations that propel us forward.

Now, as you sip your morning coffee or take that evening walk, take a moment to reflect on your motivators. And hey, why not share them? Dive into conversations, pen them down, or simply muse over them. Let’s celebrate the things that motivate people”, one story at a time.

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