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50 things i know to be true (34 is underrated)

In the journey of life, I have come to realize that every face, every color, and every pattern reveals a story, a lesson, or a memory. But amidst this immense diversity, there’s a need we all share: the search for truth. What are those truths? What is truth? Those warm, unwavering beacons that guide us when life’s storms roll in?

Truth is the soft lullaby that puts a child to sleep, the aged hands that have seen decades yet still hold with the same tenderness, and the reassuring smile from a stranger when you’re lost in a crowd. It’s in those fleeting moments of pure joy, the heartaches that shape us, and the shared stories that bridge the gaps between us.

This article is more than just words on a page. It’s a tribute to the shared humanity that binds us, a collection of 50 timeless things I know to be true; truths that resonate deep within our hearts. As we grow and go through the ebbs and flows of existence, these truths serve as reminders of what truly matters. They are the landmarks on our personal maps, guiding us toward understanding and connection.


I. Personal Values and Beliefs

  1. Honesty builds trust.
    • Remember when you were young, and you broke that vase? It was the confession, not the act, that made your parents hug you tighter. Truth might sting, but it lays the foundation of trust. It’s like glue, binding people together in ways that deceit never can.
  2. Kindness is never wasted.
    • Even the smallest gestures, like giving your seat to an elderly person on the bus or helping a neighbor with their groceries, plant seeds of warmth. Years later, they might remember that glint of kindness when the world seemed gray.
  3. Intention matters.
    • It’s not just the action but the heart behind it that counts. Buying a gift is lovely, but buying one because you remembered a casual chat about their favorite author? That’s love.
  4. Family and friends are invaluable.
    • Think of those lazy Sunday brunches, the laughter, the arguments, and the silent moments. These bonds, crafted through time, are the safety nets we often take for granted.
  5. Personal growth is a lifelong journey.
    • Ever looked at old photos and thought, “Was that really me?” Life’s a roller coaster, with its ups and downs. Yet, with every twist and turn, we change, we learn, we grow. And that’s beautiful.


II. Observations of Human Nature

  1. People seek connection and belonging.
  2. Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about.
  3. Fear often holds us back.
  4. Laughter is a universal language.
  5. Change is inevitable.

III. Life Lessons

  1. Failures teach us more than successes..
  2. Time heals, but doesn’t erase.
  3. We can’t control everything.
  4. Patience is a virtue.
  5. Opportunities often come from unexpected places.

IV. The Beauty and Complexity of Relationships

  1. Love requires effort.
  2. Communication is key.
  3. Boundaries are essential.
  4. Relationships evolve.
  5. Vulnerability is strength.

V. The World Around Us

  1. Nature is a great teacher.
  2. Diversity makes us stronger.
  3. Every culture has wisdom to offer.
  4. There’s always more than one perspective.
  5. Technology is a tool, not a replacement for human connection.

VI. On Work and Passion

  1. Passion fuels perseverance
  2. Balance is crucial.
  3. Continuous learning keeps us relevant.
  4. Adaptability is a superpower.
  5. Success is subjective.

VII. Health and Well-being

  1. Mental health is as important as physical health.
  2. Nutrition affects our well-being.
  3. Exercise boosts the mind and body.
  4. Sleep is underrated.
  5. Stress can be both a villain and a motivator.

VIII. The Intricacies of the Mind

  1. Perception shapes reality.
  2. Beliefs can limit or empower.
  3. Memories are selective.
  4. The subconscious is powerful.
  5. Curiosity fuels growth.

IX. Philosophical Reflections

  1. Everything is temporary.
  2. We are all interconnected.
  3. The universe is vast and mysterious.
  4. Questions can be more important than answers.
  5. Life is about the journey, not just the destination.

X. Embracing Change and Uncertainty

  1. Resilience is learned.
  2. Not all change is negative.
  3. Uncertainty leads to growth.
  4. Endings often lead to new beginnings.
  5. Hope is essential.


Life, in all its unpredictability and complexity, often feels like a dance. Sometimes it’s fast and thrilling; other times it’s slow and introspective. But through every twist, turn, and dip, there are some constants – truths that hold us, ground us, and give us direction.

This collection of 50 things I know to be true isn’t just a reflection of collective wisdom but also a testament to our shared experiences. It reminds us that even when we feel most alone, our stories and truths interweave in a larger domain of human existence. They become the melodies to which our hearts beat, the lyrics that give voice to our deepest emotions.

Now, I can’t help but wonder: did these truths resonate with you? Did they stir memories, evoke emotions, or perhaps spark a curiosity about your own truths? Life is an ever-evolving story, and while I’ve shared 50 things i know to be true, I am certain you have your own tread of beliefs and understandings. I’d be honored to hear them. Share your truths, your stories, your lessons. After all, it’s through our shared experiences and understandings that we find a deeper connection with one another.

Old Soul
Old Soul

I love poetry and philosophy. My complex thought is constantly being woven and rewoven, as I encounter new experiences and learn new things. This ever-evolving network of thought not only guides my actions and perspectives but also fuels my passion for writing

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