20 things dads should do for their wife during labor

Knowing the right things dads should do for their wives during labor can be both comforting and empowering. Walking into the birthing room feels like stepping into a hurricane of feelings – there’s the nervous wait, the bubbling excitement, and the heart-hugging hope. For a lot of dads, it’s like standing at the edge of a vast ocean, not quite sure how to dive in. And while they might not be the ones feeling the contractions, their role is no less significant. After all, isn’t it comforting to have someone whisper, “We’ve got this”?

In many cultures, birth stories often cast mothers as the sole heroes. But times are changing. Today’s dad isn’t just pacing in the hallway; he’s right there, holding his partner’s hand, looking forward to the magical moment they both become parents.

Being there during labor is more than just watching life come into the world. It’s about jumping in with both feet, supporting and lifting your partner emotionally, mentally, and, yes, even physically. Every soothing word, every gentle touch, and every silent moment of shared anticipation matters. For dads, it can be a rollercoaster of emotions, but it’s also a golden chance to strengthen the bond with their partner, stepping into the world of parenting side by side

20 things dads should do for their wife during labor

– Physical Support

  • Stay by her side: Your presence can be a huge source of comfort. It’s one of the fundamental things dads should do for their wife during labor. A reassuring glance or a comforting touch can make a world of difference during those tense moments.
  • Massage techniques: A gentle rub on the shoulders, a soothing back massage, or even a simple foot rub can ease her pain and tension. Remember, it’s all about making her feel relaxed.
  • Help with breathing exercises: Breathing is crucial during labor. Help guide her, taking deep breaths in unison, ensuring she remains focused and calm.
  • Hold her hand: Sometimes, words aren’t necessary. The reassuring grasp of a hand speaks volumes, reminding her that you’re in this together.
  • Provide hydration and snacks: Labor can be exhausting. Keep her energized with sips of water and, if allowed, small snacks.

– Emotional Support

  • Reassuring words: Remind her of her strength, tell her how proud you are, and continually reinforce your love and admiration for her.
  • Listen actively: Sometimes she might voice a concern or express a need. Be attentive, making sure she feels heard and understood.
  • Keep calm: If you’re anxious, she’ll pick up on it. Take deep breaths, stay composed, and project an aura of calmness.
  • Remind her of the end goal: Amidst the pain, remind her of the beautiful moment awaiting – the first cry, the first touch of your baby.
  • Avoid showing distress or discomfort: While it’s natural to feel anxious, ensure you’re always projecting positivity and calmness for her sake.

– Advocate for Her

  • Communicate with the medical team: Ensure her birth plan is respected. If something is unclear, ask. Be her voice when she’s too overwhelmed.
  • Stay informed: Familiarize yourself with the birth plan and be prepared for any changes. Knowledge is empowering and can alleviate unnecessary stress.
  • Ask questions: If you’re uncertain about a procedure or a term, ask. It’s important both of you understand what’s happening.

– Distractions and Comforts

  • Play her favorite music: Play her favorite music: Familiar tunes or soothing melodies can offer a momentary escape from the intense situation. This is just one of the many things dads should do for their wife during labor to provide comfort and a touch of normalcy.
  • Read to her: A favorite book or a calming passage can divert her mind, offering moments of respite.
  • Keep the ambiance calming: Perhaps dim the lights or ensure the room is peaceful, making the environment as comfortable as possible.
  • Provide distractions: Light conversations about fond memories or even sharing a joke can lift her spirits.

– After Birth

  • Celebrate the moment together: Take a moment to soak in the joy, cherish the first cries, and marvel at the miracle you’ve both been a part of.
  • Ensure she’s comfortable: Whether it’s adjusting her pillows, getting her a blanket, or fetching her a drink, tend to her comfort needs.
  • Thank her: Look into her eyes, acknowledge her incredible strength, and thank her for the gift you’ve both received. Expressing gratitude is one of the most heartwarming things dads should do for their wife during labor and its aftermath
  • Handle the logistical aspects: From paperwork to updating eager family members, take charge so she can rest and recover.

Becoming a parent is an expedition, one filled with uncharted territories and moments of sheer wonder. A father’s role during labor, though often understated, forms the bedrock upon which many of these memories are built. As the hands of the clock move slowly and the room resonates with breaths of anticipation, it’s the collective strength of the two partners that truly stands out. Your support, your reassurances, and your understanding not only make the laboring process more bearable for your wife but also become foundational memories for both of you in this new chapter of life.

In the panorama of life’s experiences, the birth of a child is a pinnacle, and every act of love, care, and empathy during this time is a testament to the bond shared between partners. These gestures, no matter how small, solidify the promise of being there for each other, through thick and thin, pain and joy.


We’ve outlined some ways a dad can support his partner during labor, but every birthing experience is unique. Perhaps you’ve been through this journey and have additional insights or gestures that made all the difference for you and your partner. Did we miss a point? Share your experiences and thoughts with us. After all, it’s through shared stories and wisdom that we all grow and navigate this beautiful journey called parenthood.

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